McNitt Photography is a small business dedicated to providing creative, inspiring, high quality product images that achieve our client’s vision. Regardless of the size of the client or project, my goal for McNitt Photography is to bring the client’s vision to life by skillfully executing their own clear ideas or by providing our artistic expertise to fully develop the vision. I understand the budgetary, artistic and deadline related limitations our clients often face and have developed a unique photo shoot management style to help alleviate many of these concerns.

I started McNitt Photography in 2004, after gaining over 10 years of valuable experience in many different areas of professional photography. I focus on developing strong client relationships and have worked with a wide variety of clients, from large international companies, such as Target, 3M and Supervalu to much smaller firms, such as Ham in the Fridge Design and the Redwing Candle Company. I am experienced in shooting subjects as large as new city buses and as small as widgets measured in centimeters. I specialize in creating organized, efficient and flexible working teams that can coordinate well with art directors, graphic designers and marketing/communication personnel. I have relationships with freelancers that permit me to pull together a team when needed and the financial resources to handle any upfront expenses and vendor payments.

To keep up with the latest trends and technology, I teach photography classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  I occasionally bring students along on photo shoots to give them some real-world experience

It is my philosophy that photography, when handled correctly, should drive a person to act. Photos should cause a reaction in the viewer that they can’t forget. A picture of a paint protection system or city bus should speak to the viewer just like a photo of a child or flower invokes feelings in a museum patron. An evoking picture of a welder, nurse, or line worker can make that profession and the products they use real to others. The right use of color, lighting, and setting can turn purpose into art. McNitt Photography’s vision is for all of our photos to be “Art with a Purpose”.